Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Co. 227th/1-227th Video

First Attack: History of the 1st Battalion 227th Aviation Regiment from Kenn Christenson on Vimeo.


LewWaters said...

Well Done, Gentlemen

I served with C Troop 7/17th Air Cav, Central Highlands Vietnam 1969 - 1971. It pleases me see the traditions of the Air Cav carried on.

Unknown said...

Excellent video and gentlemen, Thank you for your service.

I also served with C/7/17th Air Cav in 1971, flying the OH-6.

Today's Army makes me proud and along with our Navy, Marines, and Air Force, you all carry the future of America on your shoulders.

May God bless America!

Outlaw13 said...

Thanks for your kind words and your service to this nation gentlemen. Attack!

Unknown said...

I was one of the Contractor MTP's when Butler was shotdown in 91 and also test flew several of the aircraft damaged during the Karbala mission after they were repaired at Ft Hood.

Outstanding job Dan and with Nick and Kenn on your team y'all nailed it.

Unknown said...

Pete Morales said this was done well.
I served with the 1st cav 229th A co

Kenn Christenson said...


Thanks for the nice comment and thank you for your service!

Saw a lot Hueys with your unit's crest - going through the footage for this video.

You all did an amazing job, over there and it's a real honor to, at least, tell some of the stories from that time.


Unknown said...

I was the crew chef of the aircraft that nobody wanted. I crewed 15769 the C&C bird for C/227th from Sept 69 to July 70.

if you aint Cav you aint shit

cowboybikker said...

IF I remember this correctly my bestfriend from H.S. Was a member of this unit. will know for sure soon, no matter, I always support our military. My family has a long bloodline of service starting with our country's first war

cowboybikker said...

I was right that was my buddy's unit. He was a warrent officer flying the apache. He went with the 227th to fort hood and became apart of the first attack and went to Iraq. I sent him the link and it was shut down

Kenn Christenson said...

We're having a benefit premier of the video in Southern California, May 9th, after which, the video will return to this location.

cowboybikker said...

Thank you for what you have done. If I'm not out of line what is the premier for?

Kenn Christenson said...

I'm more than happy to help spread the word about this Battalion!

We're having a premier of the video, on the big screen, to benefit Air Warrior Courage Foundation - It's also a get-together for current and former Bn members.

Unknown said...

Outstanding Job. I was in B Co 227th AHB 1st Cav June 68-69. Some of the footage shows our company birds. Makes me proud Cav Trooper.

Christopher White
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association

Kenn Christenson said...

Thank you, Christopher! You definitely have much to be proud of!